Renovation of the old fishermen port and improving the sustainability of fishermen livelihoods

The project main goal is to renovate the old fishermen port in order to upgrade and develop the fishermen sector to preserve the fishing practices as one of Saida's main traditional economic and touristic activities.

City: Saida

Country: Lebanon

Strategic Line

Project Description

The project will be targeting the fishermen who belong to one of the city's marginalized groups and all the residents of the old city as upgrading the waterfront and promoting it as a touristic and economic site will be contributing to the poverty alleviation in the old city and improving the security situation in it.

Main objectives 

  • Upgrading and empowering  the old fishing sector, one of the less advantages sectors in the city
  • Creating enabling conditions to provide employment opportunities for the residents of the Old City;
  • Increasing the income of fishermen through sustainable fishing practices and valorization of the production

The activities of the project are as the following:

  • Renovation of the old fishermen port, the syndicate union, and the fish market
  • Training on sustainable fishery, management of leisure and tourism activities,
  • Branding and creation of a quality and origin label for the catch of fishermen
  • Building the capacity of the fishermen syndicates allowing it to self-manage the implementation of sustainable fishing practices and of tourism and leisure activities.

Expected Results:

  • Fishermen Livelihood strategies are improved and their income is increased
  • Fishermen activities are diversified to include tourism and leisure
  • The waterfront landscape at the level of the old city is upgraded
  • Marginalized groups are integrated into the socio-economic life of the city

This project is one of the 27 projects proposed in the action plan of the Urban Sustainable Development Strategy of Saida city, and the study on the old port was one of the assessment missions conducted by Municipality of Brcelona and Saida Municipality. The concept of this project is in line with the objectives of business and local economic development since the project will be improving the fishermen sector, as well as contributing into the development of SMEs by upgrading the fish market and increasing the income of all the enterprises working in the fishermen sector. In addition, this project will be contributing in ending poverty in the old city of Saida and engaging all the fishermen families in the community as most of the fishermen and their families are considered as marginalized citizens residing in the old city of Saida.

Approximate Budget

Implementation, including management training and branding: $100,000, in addition to $750,000upgrading of the fisherman port and syndicates office


Hiba Hneineh, project coordinator. Saida Municipality