• Coastal Protection Strategies for the provinces of Cádiz, Málaga and Almería considering the effects of climate change

    (On going- Feb '19- Jan '21)  The development of Coastal Protection Strategies considering the climate change effects for the provinces of Cádiz, Málaga and Almería is an initiative financed by the EC´s Structural Reform Support Programme upon request of the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), Directorate General for the Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea (DGSCS).

  • RevActe

    On going - Strengthening the capacities of Tunisian Municipalities to implement energy transition actions through networking and transfer of experiences

  • Renforcement des gouvernements locaux de la Tunisie dans la gestion de déchets (GeDe-Tun)

    Finalisé (2015-2017)-  Le projet vise à renforcer les capacités et le rôle des gouvernements locaux de la Tunisie à la gestion des déchets et la salubrité de l'environnement urbain, en s'appuyant sur le travail de définition des lignes stratégique fait par les Plans Communaux de Gestion des Déchets (PCGD), élaborés par la GiZ en 2010.

  • Optimization of waste management system in the medina of Sfax

    Finished (2015)- The Municipality of Sfax, with the support of CoMun Program, the german cooperation (GIZ) and MedCities, is implementing a project on waste management in the Medina in order to improve the environmental quality and quality of life of residents and visitors to the Medina of Sfax.

  • MedSeaties

    Finished (2014-2015)- MEDSEATIES- Inclusive governance for sustainable Mediterranean coastal metropolis, aims at contributing to the empowerment of Mediterranean local authorities and private stakeholders in the multilevel decision-making processes related to the management of coastal cities.

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