Public Park of Byblos : Wagon Park

Public Park of Byblos : Wagon Park

An open public space to boost the social, cultural and economical life of Byblos's residents and visitors.

Starting situation

The study of this project began with an observation to identify the resources and the challenges of the place, as well as the needs of the residents and the visitors. An interpretation helped synthesizing and suggesting architectural and landscape solutions based on the priorities and the possibilities.


Thanks to its location and program, the Park project is an overview of sustainability, continuity, protection, actuality, transformation and development. The project stretches over an ​​18,000 m2 area, of which 12,000 m2 will be green spaces and 6,000 m2 of parking space with a parking capacity of 250 cars at a time.


Park Activities: Guardian Lodge, gardener, store for material, public bathrooms, merchandise booths (drinks, snacks, souvenirs, newspapers…), main route, biking trail, adventure park, kids playground, outdoor theaters, thematic gardens (aromatic, floral, Japanese…), flat talus, stony slope, grassed slope, parking with trees, bistro


Strategic Contribution:

  • The preservation of green spaces in the city contributes to a spatial planning that reflects the respect for the environment and the residents' needs.
  • Meeting places for the residents to boost their social, cultural and economic life.
  • A parking place to limit the access of cars to the old town and to transform it to a pedestrian zone.


Municipality of Byblos

موعد: 2013-10-08


بلد: Lebanon

فئة: Urban Planning, Social Cohesion