Tanger-Accueil- Promotion of partnerships for the reception and integration of immigrants in the city of Tangier

On 9 and 10 January 2020 Medcities celebrated the kick off meeting of its new project TangerAccueil in Tanger, Morrocco. 

On 9 and 10 January 2020 Medcities celebrated the kick off meeting of its new project TangerAccueil in Tanger, Morrocco. A series of meeting with representatives of the municipality of Tanger, main partner of the project, showed the commitment of both entities to reach the objectives of an important project for the city.

This EU-funded initiative is framed under the MC2CM Program managed by ICMPD and aims at strengthening the role of the municipality in the articulation of associations active in the provision of service for newcomers and migrants.

The kick off mission brought the partners together to discuss about the project's main goals, work plan and targets. An interesting meeting was held with representatives of some of the city's associations active in the accompaniment of migrants in the field of human rights, health or education services and socio economic integration. Medcities was invited to visit some of the sights where the project could develop its activities.

Building on the needs and priorities identified by the "Tanger Migratory Profile" drafted during the first phase of the MC2CM program, Medcities and the municipality of Tanger will work together until February 2021 to create an information and orientation "single desk" (Guichet unique) system in the city. A valuable collaboration with the city of Barcelona, associated partner of the project, will bring expertise and knowledge to the design of Tanger's own mechanism to centralize and provide information to migrants regarding the city's active associations offering services, advice and support.

The project will also promote the establishment of the city's Immigration Council to foster better collaboration between associations and their participation in the city's immigration management. Finally, a series of training activities and awareness raising initiatives will be conducted to inform about the services offered by the associative world.