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Number 29 - 29/09/2016


MedCities Annual Conference 2016

The MedCities Annual Conference will take place next 1-2 December 2016 in Tetutan (Morocco) with the support of the Municipality of Tetuan. The Conference will be composed by the meeting of MedCities General Assembly, the meeting of the Steering Committee and an international seminar entitled "Cities facing major territorial projects".

Strategic Allies

Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions brings together 160 regions from 25 States from the European Union and beyond. Representing about 200 million people, the CPMR campaigns in favour of a more balanced development of the European territory. It operates both as a think tank and as a lobby for Regions


Handbook for a successful project

Platforma, European platform of local and regional authorities for development, has gathered information in order to help elected representatives and local civil servants build solid projects and attractive applications, and have listed the European programmes that can finance these projects. Moreover, they have also included useful information on Member States' funding agencies and multilateral organisations that may be led to work with towns and regions.    


Public policies and Action Plans – Mediterranean Cities and Climate Change

27-28 September, Marseille- France

Workshop "The European Neighbourhood Instrument 2014-2020 and the MedCities strategy"

4 October, Tripoli- Lebanon

Workshop "How to monitor the MSSD 2016-2025 implementation and the Regional Action Plan on SCP in the Mediterranean?"

17 October, Barcelona-Spain


Training for Tunisian municipalities in the upcoming ENI Programme for Mediterranean Sea Basin

More than 11 cities, members of MedCities in Tunisia, participated in a seminar on the opportunities of funding through the ENI Programme which will be launched in the following months. More than 20 people, mostly staff of international cooperation or financial departments of the municipalities, attended the training organised by the KTC of Sfax that took place last 21st September in Sousse 


Tanger coordinates the Moroccan Intercultural Cities Network

The Intercultural Cities Network of Morocco was established during a meeting held on the 3 March 2016, at the Municipality of Tanger. The network is fully committed, as stated in the Tanger declaration, to promote the values of tolerance, cultural diversity and to fight against all forms of exclusion and xenophobia. On this basis, the network is currently developing relations of cooperation and partnership with the stakeholders of the civil society sharing the same values. 

International events

UCLG Workshops in Sousse

MedCities contributed to the conferences of the Mediterranean Commission of the Mediterranean Commission of UCLG in Tunisia the last 22 and 23 September. The city of Sousse hosted the Workshops for the Development of the Mediterranean Basin, in preparation for the 4th edition of the Forum of Local and Regional Authorities of the Mediterranean, which will be held in March 2017

International events

Cities Alliance Workshop for African Cities

On September 14-16, MedCities participated in the Conference "Promoting the role of cities in Africa: Africa Strategy Workshop" organised by Cities Alliance in Accra (Ghana). The conference gathered together political representatives, practitioners and researchers from different African countries in which Cities Alliance implement their actions through their Country Programs


Cultural projects in Al Fayhaa and Tunis

MedCities General Secretariat and the Barcelona Provincial Council are working together towards the implementation of two new projects in our cities. Thanks to the cooperation with the Tunis Association of Safeguard of the Medina (ASM) and the Urban Community of Al Fayhaa, two cultural projects have been identified to be implemented in the coming months. The projects are aimed at safeguarding the cultural heritage of the two cities


MedCities 25th Anniversary

Next 26th October, on the occasion of the celebration of the MedCities 25th Anniversary, the Municipality of Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) are organising a day of general discussion on the challenges and opportunities of Mediterranean cities and the value of city-to-city cooperation. Barcelona will host this event that is one of the activities foreseen in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Mediterranean network


More opportunities for the network

MedCities is pleased to announce that the Interreg MED Programme Steering Committee has approved the two Horizontal projects proposals in which MedCities General Secretariat participated as a partner: GOSUMP, a project on sustainable urban mobility, and PANACeA, a project on biodiversity and protected areas. Moreover, the project MEDNICE, in which MedCities General Secretariat participates as associate has also been approved. In total, MedCities will be participating in three of the eight horizontal projects approved, reinforcing its role as an important capitalization actor in the region. MedCities considered the Interreg MED Programme as an excellent opportunity to develop new projects. So will be the upcoming ENI-CBC-Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020. The General Secretariat is willing to take advantage of all the opportunities that may arise, in order to continue enhancing cooperation among Mediterranean cities through project partnerships. From now on, efforts will focus on this new ENI call for projects foreseen by the end of the year. As we already started doing, we are rising awareness among our members on this call and our staff will accompany them in their ideas and proposals. In that sense, two seminars have been organised for Tunisian and Lebanese members in order to better accompany our cities in this long but fruitful process. We hope that the network will have the same positive results than in the Interreg MED call

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