The MedCities network attempts to involve experts and practitioners in debates related to the elaboration and implementation of City Development Strategies. Your contributions are highly appreciated!

The elaboration of a City Development Strategy (CDS) is the product of the actions of multiple actors involved. Thanks to previous experiences of other cities, strategic planning in the Mediterranean is an on-going process which improves as a result of the debates aroused in previous similar initiatives. 

Below you will find the last debates launched by MedCities around topics related to the different phases of the elaboration of a strategy and other issues related to urban strategic thinking.

  • Diagnostic Stratégique

    Diagnostic Stratégique

    Ce volet vise à identifier et évaluer ces nouveaux outils et méthodologies qui s'avèrent très utiles à l'analyse de la situation interne et externe des territoires, y compris les techniques de collecte et de traitement de l'information
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