• BLUEFasma – Circular economy in the blue sector

    Ongoing (2019-2022) – BLUEFasma Interreg Med modular project belonging to the Blue Growth Community seeks to increase innovation capacity to enhance circular economy performance in the fishing and aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean area.

  • "Growing Dannieh": enhancing agricultural practices to underpin socio-economic inclusion and development

    Ongoing- Dannieh Union of Municipalities is a strongly agricultural territory and has the advantage to count with water resources. However, the sector lacks professionalization and thus efficiency. Enhancing the agricultural practices is therefore key to the socio-economic development of the territory and its resilience. The action sought to increase this capacity strongly engaging the Union of Municipalities and key social actors.

  • Promotion of inclusive employment and the green economy in Chefchouen

    Ongoing-  The project seeks to improve the living conditions of all groups of society through a better access to social and economic opportunities in sustainable and equitable conditions. This project responds to the municipality of Chefchaouen's engagement for a green and socially inclusive city, and to its commitment for promoting the employability of young people.

  • Security and inclusion in the public space for women in Tetouan (Nakkatta neighbourhood)

    Ongoing- The project seeks to improve the quality of life of the women in the neighbourhood of Nakkatta, Tetouan, by identifying the main challenges they face when moving around in their day to day live in terms of security and accessibility. A participatory approach will lead to a better understanding of the gender look into urban development.

  • Set up and consolidation of a local Youth Council in M'Saken, Tunisia

    Ongoing-  MedCities accompagnies the Municipality of M'Saken in launching a participatory process with local youth to establish venues for dialogue and to promote the implication of youth in local affairs. The project results in the creation and consolidation of the M'Saken Youth Council, which was officially inaugurated after the election process in February 2021.

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