General Assembly 2018

General Assembly 2018

The MedCities General Assembly took place on 5 October, in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by the Barcelona City Council and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

30 member cities gathered for the Meeting of the General Assembly.  The general assembly was chaired by the President of MedCities and Mayor of Tetouan Mr. Mohamed Idamomar, and the General Secretary of MedCities Mr. Xavier Tiana. 

The assembly approved the admission of Palma de Mallorca (Spain) – population 403,000 – as a member of the Association. The Fundación Asamblea de Ciudadanos y Ciudadanas del Mediterráneo (Mediterranean Citizens' Assembly Foundation) was also approved as a new Observer of the Association.

The 2017 Accounts, the provisional 2018 Economic Report, the 2018 Activity Report and the 2019 Budget were all presented and approved by the membership. The Mandate Report of MedCities activities during the period 2014-2018 was presented, and the strategic lines and future Action Plan for the period 2019-2022 were also debated.

5 October also saw the convention of an extraordinary General Assembly in order to elect the Board of Directors of MedCities for the period 2019-22. Nine cities presented themselves as candidates and were duly elected to form the new Board of Directors: Al-Fayhaa, As-Salt, Dubrovnik, Izmir, Larnaca, Marseilles, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Sfax and Tétouan. Tétouan will retain the role of President of MedCities for the next four years.