Annual Conference, Barcelona 2018

The 2018 MedCities Annual Conference will take place 4-5 October. It will be hosted in Barcelona by Ms. Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and President of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The MedCities international seminar, which will take place alongside the MedCities General Assembly, will address the topics of sustainability and equality.

The Conference will be composed by the MedCities Board of Directors, the General Assembly and the international seminar entitled «Mediterranean cities: sustainable and equitable for all!»

General Assembly

The supreme governing body of MedCities.

The MedCities General Assembly 2018 will be held on 5th October. The General Assembly is made up of all MedCities members.

More information will be sent to members.

International Seminar

«Mediterranean cities: sustainable and equitable for all!»

2018 International Seminar is addressed to the representatives of local administrations in the Mediterranean region.

More information on the event will be available soon. The provisional programme is now available:
English Version
French Version

To register please send an email to

Board of Directors

This event is reserved to specific members of the MedCities network.

MedCities is managed and represented by a Board of Directors made up of 7 to 9 members: one President, five to seven members plus the General Secretary. A Vice-president and a Treasurer are designated. All the posts forming the Board of Directors are unremunerated. These are appointed and revoked by the Extraordinary General Meeting and their mandate lasts for four years. The Board of Directors meets as often as this is determined by its President and at the initiative or request of three of its members.