The managing bodies of the network are:

General Meeting. It is the supreme governing body of MedCities and it is made up of all MedCities members.  The sessions of the General Meeting can be ordinary and extraordinary. The ordinary meetings are held once a year. Extraordinary meetings are held when the circumstances make this advisable, in the President's opinion, when the Board of Directors agrees to this or when proposed in writing by one tenth of the members.

Board of Directors. MedCities is managed and represented by a Board of Directors made up of 7 to 9 members: one President, five to seven members plus the General Secretary. A Vice-president and a Treasurer are designated. All the posts forming the Board of Directors are unremunerated. These are appointed and revoked by the Extraordinary General Meeting and their mandate lasts for four years.  The Board of Directors meets as often as this is determined by its President and at the initiative or request of three of its members.

Presidency. The President is the legal representative of MedCities at any kind of public and private bodies. He or she calls, presides over and concludes any sessions of the General Meeting and the Board of Directors, as well as direct their discussions. The President adopts any urgent measure that the proper running of MedCities makes advisable or that proves necessary or useful in undertaking its activities, with no detriment to rendering accounts to the Board of Directors thereafter. The Vice-president shall stand in for the President in the latter's absence, on grounds of illness or for any other reason, and shall have the same attributes as him or her.

The Presidency has been held by Barcelona, Marseilles, Tangier, Limassol, and Rome. The current President of MedCities is Dr. Mohamed Idaomar, Mayor of Tetuan.

General Secretariat. This administrative body assists the President and Board in their respective tasks. It is in charge of the ordinary running of MedCities; ordering payments and authorising any documents, certificates and correspondence with his or her signature; governing the purely administrative work; issuing certificates, and keeping any books that may be legally established and the file of members, and shall custody legal documents, having the notifications sent as regards the designation of Boards of Directors and other corporate agreements that can be entered in the relevant Registries, as well as the presentation of the annual accounts and compliance with documentary obligations in the terms legally applicable.

Currently, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona holds the post of General Secretariat. The Secretary General is Mr. Xavier Tiana.

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