International Seminar 2017

This edition of the International Seminar was addressed to the representatives of local administrations in the Mediterranean region and was part of the MedCities Annual Conference 2017.

The MedCities annual international seminar, with occasion of the association General Assembly, addressed this time the Ā«Challenges and trends in solid waste management in Mediterranean citiesĀ».

The International Event, hosted by the Urban Community of AL Fayhaa (Tripoli, Mina, Beddawi and Kalamoun), gathered last 7th November about 150 participants included representatives from member cities as well as a good array of national stakeholders.

An introductory panel addressed the international dimension of the of new solid waste management models, including the role and experience of MedCities (presentation 1 by Mr. Oriol Barba) the current Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) project being implemented in Al Fayhaa with the support of Catalan partners (presentation 2 by Eng. Dima Homsi) and the role of UNDP supporting municipalities on SWM in North Lebanon (presentation 3 by Mr Alain Chatry).

The session was followed by three round tables addressing challenges and trends at different levels namely, multilevel governance and coordination (presentation 4 by Eng Younes El Hajj), waste separation and treatment including the promotion of the culture of recycling (presentations 5 by Mrs. Patil Mardikian / presentation 6 by Mr. Christodoulos Ioannou / presentation 7 by Mr. Wassim Zouari) and landfills impacts and environmental solutions (presentation 8 by Mr. Wassim Zouari / presentation 10 by Eng. Mustafa Hijazi). The last session concluded with a set of recommendations for the case of the landfill of Tripoli (presentation 9 by Dr Mervat el Hoz).