Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management

ACR+  is an international network of cities and regions who share the aim of promoting smart material resource consumption and sustainable material resource management. ACR+ has an ever-growing membership of nearly 100 entities representing around 1100 municipalities; and also welcomes NGOs, academic institutions and private organisations.

ACR+ endeavours to:

  • lead the way towards material resource efficiency
  • develop the expertise of public authorities and encourage practical action
  • anticipate new developments and future challenges
  • promote the creation of multistakeholder partnerships
  • encourage harmonization of concepts, definitions and standards
  • boost circular economy ideas among different stakeholders

Building on the waste hierarchy – promoting prevention at source, reuse and recycling – ACR+ advocates for the transition from a chain economy to a circular economy as the way towards resource efficiency.

Since 2014, ACR+ has and continues to support local and regional authorities with the preparation and implementation of ambitious circular economy strategies. This ACR+ commitment has taken the form of the Circular Europe Network (CEN), which gathers ACR+ members that are committed to improving their resource strategies and strengthening sustainable development in their territories. This initiative builds on the expertise of European front runners within the ACR+ network in order to gather, analyse and exchange information on efficient circular economy strategies implemented by cities and regions. These good practices are available as factsheets on the Circular Europe Network website.

The wide range of activities and services developed by ACR+ are meant to provide state-of-the-art information and prospective thinking on a variety of issues focused on resource efficiency.

To have more information on their activities, please don't hesitate to visit their website and have a look on the Work Program for 2016.