Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME)

The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry was founded on 1rst of October 1982, as an initiative of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with its counterparts from different Mediterranean countries.

Today, 30 years since its creation, ASCAME has become a key actor in the Mediterranean area and is now one of the most representative and geographically widespread international organisations, with a membership of more than 200 Chambers of Commerce and other associated bodies from 23 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

ASCAME was created with the primary goal of furthering economic cooperation throughout the Mediterranean region, showing a strategic vision of North-South cooperation and integration. This vision was confirmed by the establishment of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership in 1995 and is validated today by the Union for the Mediterranean.

ASCAME provides support and advice to Chamber of Commerce members, encourages contacts between them and promotes their respective initiatives, such as staff exchange programmes between Chambers of Commerce members, training programmes, forums, conventions and fairs.

The Association plays a significant role in the field of international cooperation between Chambers of Commerce, a role that has been acknowledged by leading European and international institutions. It also occupies a privileged position in terms of representing the private sector in the region.

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Cooperation between MedCities and Ascame

On November 21st ASCAME and the General Secretariat of MedCities, signed in Barcelona a Memorandum of Understanding between both institutions in order to reinforce their cooperation. ASCAME and MedCities will share knowledge and best practices through their respective technological platforms and will ensure the dissemination of the activities of the two institutions among its members. This strategic alliance begins with the participation of the two organizations in the projects USUDS and GMI (The Green Med Initiatives). This agreement is strategic in order to assure the commitment of the private sector in the design of urban development strategies in the Mediterranean, which turns into an increase of the value of these processes and underpin their successful implementation.

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