Quito's Knowledge Factory

Quito's Knowledge Factory

Space that houses business incubator, knowledge of new skills, classroom training, cibernario and a set of services focused on the intensive use of new technologies.


It's a five thousand square meters architectonic complex that houses the new enterprise incubator, spaces to know new professions, capacitation rooms, cybernarium and a set of services focused on the intensive use of the new IT technologies.

Contemporaneity, browsing, technology and easiness of use are some of the main challenges in the basis of the architecturical design, conceived so all elements can flow and transmit the message and philosophy of FACTORY, origin of the spaces.


  • Through the Capacitation and Talents Bank, facilitates intercession between workers and employers in order to create jobs and bring technical assistance to boost self-employment.
  • The Cybernarium stimulates the use of new technologies at its classrooms, all of them free-connected into the Factory.
  • The Corporate Agora brings technical assistance and advice to entrepreneurs and businessmen. Users have a meeting room, video conference rooms and knowledge capsules about different corporate issues.


Quito Municipality

Date: 2013-06-13


Country: Ecuador

Category: Employment and Economic Development, Social Cohesion