KTC Al Fayhaa

The Urban Community of Al Fayhaa is the KTC of dissemination and awareness of strategic urban planning in the Middle East region.

The KTC hosted in the Urban Community of Al-Fayhaa is in charge of guaranteeing that cooperation and support is provided to the cities of the Middle East in the design and execution of their urban sustainable development strategies.

This KTC is in charge of the dissemination, training and facilitation actions for thecities in the region that show interest in embarking on this type of experience. To that end, the KTC carries out missions to different cities to present the work of MedCities on strategic urban planning and the importance for cities to develop their Strategy.

It also contributes to the identification of projects to be uploaded in the MedCities Platform as well as of best practices on urban projects.

Furthermore, the KTC provides support to the cities in the Middle East in obtaing funding opportunities for the execution of their strategy, by accompanying them in the preparation of project proposals for european or other cooperation programs.

Best Practices

  • Projet

    Projet des escaliers

    Trois projets portés par le Secteur du Développement Social de la Fondation Safadi, ont été mis en œuvre autour de projets de réhabilitation d'escaliers entre 2010 et 2012 : "Stairs of Change", "Stairs of Solidarity" and " Stairs of Integration"

    • Urban Community of Al Fayhaa
    • Social Cohesion

Other cases of interest