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"Safety of historical cities"

Conference on Security of Historical Cities to be held next 31 March-1 April in Split,Croatia.

Everyday life safety represents a basic human need, which presents a crucial influence on the assessment of life quality in each community. The Croatian Association of Historic Towns (HUPG) and the International Police Association - Regional Club Split Dalmatia (IPA SD), are organizing a panel of experts, scientists, and practitioners with experience in the organization and improvement of security as mandatory components of quality of life, especially in areas with distinctive architectural and historical heritage.

There are numerous examples of risks and unacceptable events that directly endanger the security of our cultural heritage, by causing material damage and endangering the health and property of guests and hosts. Fortunately, there are valuable ideas and practices that can help preserve the value of our historical heritage, that encourage sustainable development that allows for the coexistence of the past and the present, thereby taking into account everyone's safety.

The main topic of the meetings that are scheduled room 30 March to 1 April 2017 in Split is contained in the conference's very title: "Safety of historical cities."

For more information on the program and the participation at the Conference, please visit their website