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First meeting of the Barcelona Metropolitan Working Group on urban agriculture

Torre Jussana, Barcelona-Spain. 16 May 2017

The MADRE project foreseens the definition and implementation of Metropolitan Working Groups (MWG) in each territory involved on the project: Thessaloniki, Tirana, Bologna, Marsiglia, Montpellier and Barcelona.

The objective of all the MWG is to analyse the situation of the urban and periruban agriculture on the metropolitan areas, counting with the participation of actors representing the quadruple helix: local administrations, producers, scholars and consumers/ civil society.

Their analysis will be part of the discussions at a transnational level that will led to the definition of political recommendations for the Euro-Med region.  

MedCities is in charge of the organisation of the Barcelona MWG that will meet twice: 16 May and 8 June.

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