High-level Policy Dialogue on Migration and Municipal Finance in Malaga

The High-level Policy Dialogue on Migration and Municipal Finance on Migration, Sustainable Development Goals and Municipal Finance, organised by the World Alliance of Cities against Poverty (WACAP), under the umbrella of UNCDF, in collaboration with Malaga City Council. It took place last 9th and 10th of April 2018 in Malaga.

Major experts in this field, including ministers, mayors and authorities from around the world, representatives of non-governmental organizations, development banks and other partners, met to share knowledge, exchange ideas and explore possible strategies to address the challenges related to migration, municipal financing and the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The meetings aimed to establish a network of cities, experts and professionals in the area of migration, share best practices learned from different cities on the needs of migrants, innovative urban planning with a focus on migration issues and investment in supporting migrants and local development with customized financial instruments.

The international seminar covered the role of migrations on a global scale, not only in the field of migration flows but also how local governments adapt to this reality, both in the countries of origin and in the host countries, making a great impact on financing aspects, highlighting the financial mechanisms generated to respond to the challenge faced by the host cities.

The experience of MedCities shared in the framework of the debate was focused on the Mediterranean area, specifically, on the strategies developed by local governments to adapt to the new contexts generated together with the hosted communities.  From the different typologies and contexts of cities that are part of the network, both on the southern and eastern shores as well as on the northern one, regarding the great experience that MedCities has in the accompaniment and assistance within the design and elaboration of city strategy planning; where the migration issue, despite being a reallity, is not easy to be incorporated into the planning, due to the complexity of the socio-political recognition of these hardships.

MedCities showed the case of different cities in Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco and the way the issue of migration is integrated in the processes of strategic planningdirectly affecting urban development, and should therefore be incorporated as influential factors in their city plans and projects.

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