Launching MedUrbanTools

The Mediterranean Urban Knowledge Sharing Platform

On June 2018, MedCities is launching MedUrbanTools, the Mediterranean Urban Development Toolbox. It intends to be a Knowledge Sharing Platform, resulting a useful, attractive and user-friendly database not only including technical content, but also offering visual materials and best practices, promoting urban analyses while inspiring new initiatives. To that end, the web offers three main sections: Cases, Voices and Resources, including contents for each of the 10 topics addressed and different tags relating the contents.

MedCities is leading the initiative of the creation of this multi-stakeholder platform, which involves the network's city members and other key mediterranean cities, while associating different actors working on sustainable urban development in the region, including members of the Urban Hub of the CMI which brings together urban experts from institutions such as the World Bank, Cities Alliance, GIZ, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), IEB, UNDP, Agence des Villes et Territoires Méditerranéens Durables (AVITEM), CODATU and MedCities. The process is also open to the participation of MCSD members and other partners, considering the added value of mutualising efforts in a knowledge-sharing activity.

During this first phase of the toolbox development, more than 30 cities have contributed their successful experiences to the knowledge base. In addition, more than ten experts from the region have been interviewed for the video clips production included in the knowledge base – which contribute to the debate while increasing visibility of the initiative. The objective for the second phase of the initiavie is to diversify donors and to enrich the process with the academic and technical expertise of additional Mediterranean local authorities, urban experts and other stakeholders.


MedUrbanTools - A sustainable urban toolbox for the Mediterranean: "Create a sustainable urban toolbox for the Mediterranean, with a view to planning cities that will work for everyone, in order to make them inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable" is one of the Flagship initiatives under the Objective 3 "Planning and managing sustainable Mediterranean cities" of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) 2016-2025.

The proposal for the creation of a toolbox on urban development addressed to decision-makers, notably local authorities, and experts in the Mediterranean region is being led by the Mediterranean Cities Network (MedCities), in cooperation with different regional actors participating in the Urban Hub of the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI). It was first presented during the 17th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (MCSD) in July 2017 and is the first such initiative to have successfully addressed the topic from a Mediterranean perspective.

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