Pilot project on waste management launched in Bizerte

MedCities and the municipality of Bizerte in Tunisia, are implementing GeDeTun project for the reinforcement of the municipal capacities in waste management. This project, co-financed by the Municipality of Barcelona and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, foresees the implementation of pilot projects in order to improve the management of waste collection and the environmental quality of the city.

The GeDeTun pilot project in Bizerte was launched after some months of preparation in February, in order to improve the collection system in the area of Cité Bhira. A system of door to door (DtD) collection of home waste was implemented in the neighborhood of Bougatfa, as opposed to the collective containers system,. Also, the black spots that existed in the neighborhood were removed and are currently being transformed into public green areas. Furthermore, a day of specific collection of green waste was implemented in the area.

This is a continuation of a previous experimental door to door collection in the adjacent area, which was positively evaluated by GeDeTun. Citizen participation activities were foreseen during the project in order to guarantee the inhabitants' adhesion to the new system and to determine the days and schedule of waste collection to better fit their needs. Individual containers were facilitated to the inhabitants by the project.  A communication campaign was organized in order to inform them on the removal of containers and the start of the new system. Such activities were culminated with an open-day activity with the presence of local authorities that officially launched the new system, as of 7th February 2017.

Following the removal of containers three black spots that existed in the neighborhood next to the containers, were removed with the objective to be transformed into public green areas open to the neighborhood.

Although the evaluation of the new collection system is still ongoing, the municipality considers that the acceptance of the neighborhood is very high and the area is cleaner. Proposals to implement similar system to other neighborhoods with similar characteristics are already being studied.

The following photos illustrated some of the project activities:

  1. Information and sensitization campaign 

  1. Open-day event, 29 January 2017  

  1. Preexisting black spots

  1. Individual containers facilitated by the project