Training and pilot actions on urban accessibility in Tangier and Tetouan

Since July and within the framework of the project on urban accessibility that MedCités is developing in 2018 in Tanger and Tétouan, training sessions are being carried out with the aim of strengthening the capacities of municipal staff, local authorities and civil associations working in the field of people with disabilities.

The subjects developed deal in depth with the Moroccan legislative aspects, as well as the competences and responsibilities of local authorities in the arduous task of promoting accessibility in the urban environments of Tangier and Tétouan. The trainings also address urban and architectural aspects in the design of the accessible city.

In parallel, the project advances in the definition and launching of tenders for the implementation of the pilot actions that will be developed in both cities, where a series of technical solutions will be put into practice that, as pilots, will allow testing an urban transformation towards more accessible contexts and designs for the whole of society, and especially for groups of people with disabilities.

Next November, a technical exchange mission will be carried out in Barcelona with the support of the Barcelona Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMD), with the participation of the technical staff of the city councils of Tangier and Tétouan, as well as representatives of the civil associations that are partners in the project.

Both activities described will allow the drafting of the guides on accessibility of Tangier and Tétouan, specifically contextualized for both cities, where they compile the legislative and technical aspects that would allow the definition of future municipal plans to regulate and promote a transition to urban accessibility in both cities.