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#52 - June - July 2019


New Urban Projects Led by MedCities

After the summer, MedCities will start two important projects recently approved. First, in the framework of the "Local Authorities: Partnerships for sustainable cities" program of the EC (EuropeAID), MedCities and the AMB, together with the Municipality of Tunis, will implement the ASIMA TUNIS project, which aims to strengthen multi-level governance. Second, the project Tanger Accueil is awarded under the MC2CM (Mediterranean City-to-City Migration) Program. Finally, MedCities has been intensively working for the submission of several proposals in the INTERREG MED and ENI CBC MED calls.


Sustainable Tourism Labels Guidebook

An overview of different EcoLabels for Tourism (Hotels, Tourist Agencies and Tour Operators) with a special focus on how they apply to southern Mediterranean countries. The document sets a guideline on how to choose the right ecolabel, as well as exemplifies the added value of these responsible tourism typologies.


Mediterranean City-to-City Migration - Policy Notes

Migration, asylum and urbanisation are defining features of local realities. People come together to live, work and find opportunities in cities. Increasing global urbanisation and migratory flows have made cities hubs of diversity and innovation, thus transforming local governments into key stakeholders in the world stage.


GO SUMP Final Event

17-18 September 2019, Malaga.

CIVITAS Forum 2019

2 - 4 October 2019, Graz.

PANACeA Final Conference

14 - 16 October 2019, Malaga.

European Week of Cities and Regions

7-10 October 2019, Brussels.

MED for YOU - Interreg MED Capitalization Event

22 October 2019, Athens.


Mainstreaming biodiversity tools into national initiatives

MedCities and ETC-UMA with the support of Ministry of Ecological Transition of Spain brought together over 40 key national actors to explore synergies with state initiatives and uptake the results of Biodiversity Protection Community.


REV-ACTE: First managerial training on energy transition

MedCities participates in REV-ACTE project, under the leadership of the National Agency for Energy Management in Tunisia and coordinated by Ide-e, which aims at building the capacities on energy transitionof for local authorities.


Promoting territorial branding strategy in Zgharta Ehden

Along the month of July, a participatory workshops were organized to launch the process and discuss the strategy for the elaboration of a territorial brand in Zgharta Ehden, in the framework of TerBrand project.


GO SUMP High Level Trainings on Sustainable Mobility

More than 20 Mediterranean cities, from 12 different countries, received trainings on "Financing Sustainable Mobility" and "Mobility & Tourism Nexus" within the framework of the Interreg-MED Urban Transport Community.


18th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development

In the frame of the Mediterranean Action Plan of the United Nations Environmental Program, MedCities led one flagship initiative: MedUrbanTools.


Enhancing the architectural, urban and cultural heritage of the Medina of Tunis

The closing ceremony of the project "Vous en dire long sur la Médina de Tunis" took place in July 1st with a presentation of the results of the project, which has been supported by the Provincial Council of Barcelona with the mediation of MedCities network. The Association for the Safeguarding of the Medina of Tunis has been responsible for executing this project, in coordination with the city council, and has mobilized a professional team of architects, technicians, historians, jurists and sociologists committed to its preservation while improving its visibility as a cultural platform.


MedCities' New Secretary General

Dear members, I am glad to address you for expressing my honour of having being appointed Secretary General of MedCities by its board of directors, on June 26th 2019, replacing Mr. Xavier Tiana, who has done a brilliant job. I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Tiana for the excellent work he has done as Secretary General, allowing the organization to make a qualitative and quantitative leap forward to become a benchmark regarding policies affecting our beloved Mediterranean Sea. I also want to acknowledge the highly skilled work of our staff, without which MedCities would not have succeeded. I would like this letter to serve as a warm greeting of introduction to all of you. MedCities is an instrument of cooperation and collaboration that is at the service of its member cities, which means that it is at the service of the citizens they represent: men and women whom we want to help to have a better life, with more opportunities for success and of happiness. Sustainable urban development is undoubtedly a cross-cutting topic that allows us to establish many lines of work: social cohesion, biodiversity, water management, energy, waste and dignifying public space. We are counting on you to continue working together. I wish to express my strong commitment to offering my management skills and knowledge to make our association progress even more. I am grateful for the work we have done together so far and that we will continue joining forces to make sustainable urban development reach all people in the Mediterranean region. Josep Canals Molina.

"We all come from the sea and back to the sea we will go. The Mediterranean gave birth to the world."
― Anders Lustgarten, playwright

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