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Number 24 - 02/03/2016


Training in Strategic Planning in Jerash

From the 24th to the 28th of January, a training on Strategic Urban Planning and development of strategic projects took place in Jerash (Jordan). Around 35 municipal representatives participated in the workshop, including the municipal council, the heads of municipal departments and districts, employees in the municipality and members of the local community.


MedCities members profiles

MedCities is a network of 43 members from all shores of the Mediterranean that exchange projects, best practices, ideas and efforts to work for urban development in the Mediterranean. You can consult some information of them in our website

Strategic Alliances


ACR+ is an international network of cities and regions who share the aim of promoting smart resource consumption and sustainable management of municipal waste through prevention at source, reuse and recycling


Training on Urban Observatories in Jordan

Jerash and Zarqa-Jordan, 3-4 March

MedSeaties final event

Marseille- France, 22-23 March

Seminar on the updating of the Sfax City Development Strategy

Safx-Tunisia,12 March

MedCities Steering Committee

Marseille - France, 23 March


Waste management in Tunisia

From 21st to 24th February, a technical mission from MedCities' General Secretariat, jointly with the Waste Prevention and Management Section of the AMB, travelled to Tunisia to work with the municipalities of Bizerte and Kairouan in the identification of pilot projects for the improvement of waste management. This has been the first step towards the implementation of the new GeDeTun (Géstion de Déchets en Tunisie) project, led by MedCities 

City Strategies

MedCities supports the review of the Al Fayhaa Sustainable Development Strategy

The Technical Director of MedCities, together with expert Dr. Mousbah Rajab, met with the Mayor of Tripoli, Mr. Rafei, on Monday 29th February in order to present the report on the Al Fayhaa Sustainable Development Strategy Review

Bilateral cooperation

Marseille and Tripoli launch the mobile application "ISI@MED"

ISI@MED is a mobile application for the service of archaeological sites and tourist paths in the cities of the Union of Municipalities of Al Fayhaa.The launching event took place in Tripoli, in the presence of delegations from the mayor of Marseille- Vice-President Jean Rouatta, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the French embassy, the United Nations Development Program, and the mayors of Beddawi and Qalmoun, as well as cultural and social figures, and civil society activists

SIDIG-MED project

Social Gardens in Sant Boi, Barcelona

SIDIG MED, a ENI CBC MED project involving several MedCities members, makes social inclusion effective with the opening of a social garden managed by local organizations in Sant Boi, a municipality member of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. 12th of March is the opening date of Can Pinyol's social gardens


Sfax Processes Waste Management to Improve Governance

Next 5th of March, Medcities and its Knowledge Transfer Centre in Sfax, in partnership with the GiZ/CMI CoMun program, are organising a workshop to raise awareness among civil society and the residents of the Medina in Sfax, about the importance of waste recycling and management.The workshop is the result of a study to improve waste management developed during the technical assistance setup in both Chefchaouen (Morocco) and Sfax (Tunisia) to help improve good governance.


Reviewing strategies: the dynamism of urban development

Mediterranean cities are experiencing a continuous and intense process of transformation. The reality of the region shaken by political, social and economic turmoil, forces cities to rethink their future continuously. In this respect, City Development Strategies are a valid instrument to work for social cohesion and for more resilient cities. The process of the elaboration of a CDS depends entirely on the context and initiative of each reality and it is always a living dynamic process of transformation of the city. A CDS is focused on the process of change and it helps a city to make the most of its strengths and opportunities. It is very important to implement a monitoring and evaluation system to adapt the strategies to the changes of local realities,. The revision of the strategy is also an important step of this process. MedCities is currently working at different levels of reviewing processes of the strategies of Al Fayhaa, in North Lebanon, Jerash in Jordan, Tetuan in Morocco and Sfax in Tunisia. The four Municipalities experienced a positive process when developing their CDS and integrated this tool as a way to improve local urban development. The challenge is now to adapt this instrument to the continuously changing environment so it becomes a turning point in the development of the city

There is nothing permanent except change. Heraclitus of Ephesus, pre-Socratic Greek philosopher,

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