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Number 25 - 07/04/2016


Meeting of the MedCities Steering Committee

Representatives of the 8 cities being part of MedCities Steering Committee met in, France, on March 23rd of. The meeting was held after a MedSeaties  project capitalitzation workshop, in which  MedCities participates as associate partner 

Strategic Alliances

Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI)

Created in 2009, the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) is a multi-partner platform where development agencies, Governments, local authorities and civil society from around the Mediterranean convene in order to exchange knowledge, discuss public policies, and identify the solutions needed to address key challenges facing the Mediterranean region


Lebanon Host Communities Support Project (LHSP)

The Lebanon Host Communities Support Project (LHSP) is developed under the framework of the UNDP response to the impact of the Syrian crisis in Lebanon (Lebanon Stabilization and Recovery Program).This comprehensive coordinated and durable response, is implemented since 2013  joinlty with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA)


Smart Blue City 1st Euro-Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2016

Limassol -Cyprus, 14-16 April

12th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development

Venice- Italy, 18 -19 April 

SMART technologies and the municipal budget

Nicosia- Cyprus, 19-20 April

8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns

Bilbao- Basque Country, Spain, 27- 29 April

City Strategies

Workshop on updating the Greater Sfax Strategy

On Saturday 12th March, municipal representatives and local associations and researchers participated in a seminar on updating the Greater Sfax Strategy. The event celebrated in the city of Sfax, was organized by the KTC of Sfax and the Municipality

KTC Sfax

Strategic Urban Planning: discussion seminars held in Kairouan and M'saken

On March 22 nd and 26th, two awareness sessions were organised in the cities of Kairouan and M'saken, in order to raise awareness on city development strategies and explore possible actions on this domain in these two cities in the near futures


Finalisation of the technical assistance for the handicrafts promotion in the city of Chefchaouen

The technical assistance focused on the role of the handicraft sector as a relevant actor of the economic and local development of Chefchaouen. The methodology of the technical assistance was based in a participatory approach. This fact reinforces the involvement of local stakeholders in the economic development of the city and the promotion of local handicraft and tourism activities


Final event of SIDIG-MED project in Rome on 6th to 8th April

On 6, 7 and 8 of April the final event on the management of urban and peri-urban agricultural areas will be held in the city of Rome. An international conference will be dedicated to "Management of Urban and Peri-urban Agricultural Areas" and "Urban Gardens as a tool for Social Inclusion" .The main topics will be Market place, Capitalization, Peer review and Lessons learned and replicability in other Euro-Mediterranean cities


Medseaties Capitalization workshop in Marseille

On the last 22 and 23 of March Medseaties was project capitalization workshop took place at Villa Méditerranée, with the participation of the 12 partners of the project. MedCities participated in the event as an associate partner, sharing its 25 years of experience in accompaining cities developing their own projects on integrated coastal zone management

Mediterranean Programmes

Mediterranean Refugees and Host Communities Knowledge Action Programme

MedCities is a partner of the initiave of the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) called "Mediterranean Refugees and Host Communities Knowledge Action Programme". With this project, the CMI aims to develop an evidence-based and action-oriented knowledge program centered on two objectives: addressing the welfare of host and refugee communities and supporting refugee inclusion for common welfare in host countries. 


The urban dimension of the refugee crisis

The current migration and refugee crisis directly hits the reality of European and Mediterranean cities and its population. The situation emerging from this phenomenon brings out important challenges that cities have to face, as local authorities are on the front line. It not only poses the need of the emergency response but also requires a medium and long term intervention and management of the new societies emerging. The urban dimension of this challenge deserves proper attention. Multilevel and multilateral cooperation is a key element to work for urban sustainable development in this new demographic and societal framework. In that sense, MedCities continues working in partnership with its members and other international networks and organizations. Some of these initiatives are the "Mediterranean Refugees and Host Communities Knowledge Action Program" of the CMI, the "Lebanese Host Communities Support Programme" of the UNDP and the MedCities participation in a "Europe For Citizens Programme" project proposal on the future of Europe and the role of cities in the integration of refugees and migrants, in collaboration with the CECICN network. Moreover, the exchange of experiences between the different shores of the Mediterranean can enrich the analysis and the future results of all these initiatives. Knowledge and best-practices sharing is a part of the comprehensive response to assure long term and resilient solutions to this pressing situation.

Treating refugees as the problem is the problem. Anonimous

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