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Number 30 - 03/11/2016


MedCities celebrates the 25th Anniversary

Barcelona hosted one of the activities foreseen in the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Mediterranean network. Representatives of some municipalities of the network, shared their political commitment with the decentralised cooperation in the Mediterranean. 


New MedCities projects approved in the Interreg Med programme

On 27th September the Interreg Med Programme published the results of the first call for projects, both modular and horizontal MedCities will be participating as partner in the horizontal projects PANACeA, on enhancement of Mediterranean protected areas and biodiversity, and GO-SUMP on sustainable urban mobility in the Mediterranean.  


Shared Mobility: Innovation for Liveable Cities

This report, published by the International Transport Forum, looks at the combined impact of two major new developments: ubiquitous computing and shared mobility services. Is aimed at analyse the different challenges that urban authorities face when they try to manage the access and mobility needs of their citizens.  


COP22 Marrakesh

7-18 November, Marrakesh-Morocco

Mediterranean Cities: Space and Territory

 22-25 November, Barcelona- Spain

2016 Forum of Marine Protected Areas

28 November - 1 December, Tangier-Morocco

4th Forum of Local and Regional Authorities in the Mediterranean

30 November, Tangier-Morocco

MedCities Annual Conference

1-2 December, Tetuan-Morocco


MedCities trains Lebanese municipalities in the upcoming ENI Programme for Mediterranean Sea Basin

Last 4 October 2016, more than 50 people, representatives of MedCities' members and stakeholders in Lebanon, participated in a seminar on the opportunities of funding through the ENI Programme which will be launched in the following months. The workshop was organised by the Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) of Al Fayhaa.


Cities facing major territorial projects

MedCities will celebrate an international seminar the next December 1st in Tetuan, Morocco, in the occasion of the General Assembly. The seminar aims to analyse the relationship between large-scale urban projects and municipalities, focusing on the main challenges and the role of the city.


MENARA Project

CIDOB Foundation is leading the Middle East and North Africa Regional Architecture: Mapping geopolitical shifts, Regional order and domestic transformations, the MENARA Project, studies the geopolitical order in the making, identifies the driving forces behind it, sheds light on bottom-up dynamics and assesses the implications of these processes on the EU and its policies towards the region.

Bilateral cooperation

Barcelona and Tetuan collaboration in community centres management

Last 13 and 14 October, representatives of the Municipality of Barcelona visited the city of Tetuan, as part of the friendship and cooperation protocol established between both cities in 2014. The visit focused on the participation at the workshops on the diagnosis of different stakeholders and the needs on culture and education of the neighbourhoods where community centres are located.

Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development

Follow-up of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development

MedCities participated, as member of the Steering Committee of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development, in the technical workshop "How to monitor the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2025 (MSSD) and the Regional Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Mediterranean (SCP AP)" that took place in Barcelona on 17 October.

European Programmes

Information events on the ENI CBC MED Programme

In the framework of the launching of the ENI CBC Med "Mediterranean Sea Basin" Programme, the Managing Authority, in collaboration with the Aqaba and Valencia Branch Offices and national authorities of partner countries, organizes information events in different countries. These meetings aim to raise the awareness of potential beneficiaries and partners on the opportunities offered by this Programme that has a budget of €200 million and is funded by the European Union under the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI). 


Still more committed with the Mediterranean

Last 26 October, the Municipality of Barcelona hosted a political event on the 25th Anniversary of the network. This celebration of these events help us to assess the work done and gain energy for future challenges. 25 years after the launching of our network the political commitment of Mediterranean local authorities towards greater decentralised cooperation in the region, is strengthened and reinforced. Currently, MedCities is a network of 44 municipalities from 16 countries of the different shores of the Mediterranean that has extended its activities from the initial local environment to the wider local sustainable development field. During these 25 years, MedCities has developed a long list of projects in the fields of Waste Management, Air Quality and Mobility, Water Management and City Development, aimed always at improving the quality of life in the Mediterranean. These 25 years have been the result of the strong engagement, active and wide support of the Municipalities that are at the centre of MedCities projects and activities. Without their political commitment, the work done by the municipal and MedCities Secretariat technical staff, and the cooperation of other international actors, this contribution to the improvement of the Mediterranean would not have been possible. Taking into consideration the fragile situation that has always defined the Mediterranean, decentralised cooperation is a big challenge but a greater need to achieve an improvement in the political, social and economic development of this region.

The difficulty, the ordeal, is to start. Zane Grey, American dentist and author 

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