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Number 34 - 31/03/2017


Improved waste management in Al Fayhaa with the support of MedCities

On March 20-23rd MedCities participated in the technical mission of the project "Improved wasted management in Al Fayhaa", implemented by different Catalan institutions in partnership with UNDP and the support of MedCities


Localizing climate finances

Developing sub-national finance solutions and promoting them is a critical element to successfully delivering the 2030 agenda and the Paris Agreement. Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA) publishes this report that provides a first mapping of the gaps and opportunities on this field and proposes different solutions to face the situation. 


Cross-border cooperation in the Mediterranean region

During the 8th ARLEM plenary session held in Malta (22-23 of February 2017), members adopted the draft report presented on the subject of Cross-border Cooperation in the Mediterranean region. This report was drawn up in July 2016 and discussed during the second meeting of the ARLEM Commission for Sustainable Territorial Development, which took place on 15 November 2016 in Marrakech.


Conference on "Safety of historical cities"

31 March-1 April, Split-Croatia

WE are MED. Going beyond thematic communities

17 May, Alicante-Spain

Urban Forest Boundaries

31 May-2 June, Barcelona-Spain


Successful kick-off meeting of MADRE project in Barcelona

MedCities, partner of the MADRE project, hosted the kick-off meeting last 14-15 March. The event was a great opportunity to discuss about the metropolitan and peri-urban agriculture in each of the six Mediterranean territories. The project aims at fostering metropolitan agriculture as lever for an innovative, sustainable and responsible economy. 


A new Mediterranean partnership for biodiversity protection action and policy is born

The PANACeA project, a regional initiative to channel common efforts towards an effective protection of natural resources in the Mediterranean, has brought together in Marseille on March 17, major regional players to establish a roadmap for concerted actions over the next 3 years.


Ancona, best practice in the field of local authorities collaboration: the European Policies Associated Service

The Municipality of Ancona promoted and is currently hosting and leading the European Policies Associated Service (SAPE), an innovative tool created by a network of Italian local institutions that includes ten towns and the Province of Ancona. The political representatives of all partner bodies set up the initiative in 2014, with a phase of negotiations and then the subscription of the Convention.


Renewable solutions for basic public services for urban development with regards to sustainable energy in Nabeul

This project of the Municipality of Nabeul (Tunisia) is defined under the frame of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) to advance relations with the neighboring countries based on common values, and support southern cities in the implementation of urban development projects concerning sustainable energy.

Bilateral Cooperation

Barcelona and Tunis undertake a technical mission in the frame of their twinning agreement

The Municipalities of Barcelona and Tunis signed a Twinning agreement on 1969. Currently, both municipalities are renewing its commitment through bilateral actions.


Bilateral cooperation: a peer to peer exchange experience

Capacity building, technical assistance and the promotion of bilateral cooperation among members are some of the main activities that MedCities carries out. Often, those three actions melt into one and become a very fruitful experience for our cities. The bilateral cooperation aimed at learning from the experience of other cities is an interesting process for both the technical staff and political representatives. It is a remarkable process to analyze the own reality in order to better explain to others, and to learn how to tackle existing challenges from different perspectives. It allows municipal experts implementing public policies to open their minds and to imagine new solutions for old and new problems. In order to work for local empowerment, it is important to bring together local administration counterparts that talk the same administrative and technical language and are concerned by the same issues. This consists on how to ensure the provision and an equal access to municipal public services, and to guarantee their quality. The main constraint: the lack of competences and resources. The major strength: creativity and cooperation. MedCities will continue encouraging its members to exchange their experiences with others and will accompany them in these initiatives.

I always try to teach by example and not force my ideas on a young musician. One of the reasons we are here is to be a part of this process of exchange. Dizzy Gillespie, American jazz trumpeter

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