USUDS Newsletter
Number 36 - 15/06/2017


"We Are MED" Community Launched by MED Programme

On May 17th, MedCities participated in "We Are MED" event organised by the Interreg Med Programme in Alicante.


Guide to create an urban planning agency

AFD, together with the French Network of Urban Planning Agencies, present this interesting guide with specific examples and good practices for those territories willing to develop their own Urban Planning Agency.


Seminar on the optimisation of municipal waste management in Tunisia

The seminar was part of the project GeDeTUn, funded by the Municipality of Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, which supports the capacities of the municipalities of Bizerte and Kairouan in waste management.


ENI-CBC-MED Infomation event in Valencia

15 June - Valencia, Spain.

ENI-CBC-MED Information event in Malta

22 June - La Valleta, Malta.

Kick-off Medinatouna project

29 June - Tunis, Tunisia.


Istanbul Environment Friendly City Award

Mediterranean cities and towns are encouraged to prepare and submit their applications to the first edition of this Award, organised by the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention. The deadline is set on June 30th 2017.


First meeting of Medinatouna project in Gabès

On May 29th, MedCities representatives visited the Municipality of Gabès, in a visit that was an opportunity to introduce the project of elaboration and implementation of the City Development Strategy.


The city of Marseille hosts a delegation led by the Mayor of Tangiers

From 10 to 14th May 2017, a delegation of high-level officials from Tangiers, led by the Mayor Mr. ABDELLAOUI, visited Marseille as part of a process of rapprochement between the two cities.


Towards the establishment of a Cultural Observatory in the Urban Community of Al Fayhaa

Experts from the Diputació de Barcelona will accompany the project and the Egyptian cultural association for Heritage will present the needed technical support.


Second Meeting of the Metropolitan Working Group on Urban Agriculture of the MADRE project

The Second meeting of the Barcelona Metropolitan Working Group on urban agriculture took place at Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat, (Barcelona) on the 8th of June.


Information Events of the upcoming ENI-CBC-MED Call for Projects

On June 6, Nicosia hosted the first of several Information Events organised by the Joint Management Authority of the ENI-CBC-MED Programme. From now until the end of July, events like that will be organised in all eligible countries of the Programme. You will find all the information related to these events on our site. This is a strategic cooperation programme for MedCities and its members because it is one of the few EU Programmes that allows cooperation among local authorities from all shores of the Mediterranean. In the previous programming period (2007-2013) many of our members participated in standard and strategic projects of this Programme, having had special relevance for the network the USUDS and SIDIGMED projects. For the coming Call for standard projects, which will be launched in the coming weeks, MedCities intends to be active not only in submitting proposals but also in providing assistance to our members to find reliable partnerships and projects that will contribute to the development of our cities. Another challenge will be how to associate Moroccan cities, not elegible in this Call, to the activities of the projects. Mediterranean cities need programmes like this one to be able to build strong ties among them through decentralised cooperation and to generate capacity-building and pilot projects to foster urban sustainable development. The upcoming Call is a good opportunity to do so.

We must define the metropolis as a space of total freedom, where metropolitan citizens have the maximum liberty to go anywhere within the metropolis; and simultaneously, have the slightest need to leave their immediate environment. (Manuel Ribas Piera, 2004)

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