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# 37 - July - August 2017


ENI CBC MED 2014-2020 - First call for standard projects is now open

The deadline for the submission of project proposals is on 9th November 2017.


Union for the Mediterranean - Annual Report 2016

This past year 2016 has demonstrated once again that the scope and scale of the challenges we face in the Euro-Med region, relating to security, migration, unemployment, climate change and living together in diversity, require concerted responses. Our potential is enormous, particularly given the large youth population, the heart of our common agenda.


Implementing the new UN Urban Agenda

An urbanization action blueprint for UN-Habitat and our partners in government, the UN, civil society, communities, the private sector, professionals, the scientific and academic community, in support of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development; especially SDG 11- making cities inclusive, safe, resilient & sustainable; by 'Quito Declaration'.


SAVE THE DATE - CIVITAS FORUM 2017 & GO SUMP Project Workshops

25-29 September - Torres Vedras, Portugal


23-25 October - Barcelona, Spain

MADRE Transnational Workshop in Barcelona

26-28 October - Barcelona, Spain

MedCities General Assembly 2017

7-8 November - Tripoli, Lebanon


Kick-off Madinatouna Project

Strengthening and Disseminating Strategic Urban Planning Initiatives in Tunisia, financed by Cities Alliance and coordinated by UNDP, partnership by MedCities GIZ, CILG-VNG and FNVT.


Tripoli Municipality - City Action Plan

Tripoli municipality launched its action plan for the coming years, it is divided by five components which dealt with most of the priorities of the city and the aspirations of the people of Tripoli: the administrative organization and planning, the improvement of the quality of life, the urbanization and infrastructure, the social dimension and and the economic dimension.


GO-SUMP at the European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

GO_SUMP Project contributes to a unique identity on SUMPs in the Med cities, enhancing their peculiarities as a key to implement low carbon measures.


2017 Annual General Assembly of the Intermediterranean Commission of the CPRM

MedCities strengthens its relationship with ICM of CPRM to build common projects on shared challenges for the Mediterranean Cities and Regions.


Steering Committe Meeting of Interreg MED MADRE

The focus was placed on the presentation and discussion of the conclusions of the Metropolitan Working Groups (MWG) hold in each project area (Thessaloniki, Tirana, Bologna, Marseille, Montpellier and Barcelona) with regard to the driving forces and obstacles for urban and peri-urban agriculture. The process started now to identify and describe best practices to address those obstacles through innovation in technical, social, organisational and institutional domains. The meeting closed with visit to Le Serre Dei Giardini Margherita, a community garden and bistro; an example of what urban agriculture can achieve.


Integrated Mediterranean Approaches

The integration of the priority axes regarding urban projects' development, within the framework of the current Interreg MED period, responds to the need to give an answer to the common challenges in the Mediterranean region. The work of coordination and development of common strategies on capitalization aims to consolidate results, as well as generate unique voices for each axis of work in pursuit of a common strategic vision. In spite of this, the lack of integration of the Southern Mediterranean territories into the action scenarios of these projects hinders the potential impact in the region, and may affect negatively the search of common solutions that solve the challenges from its roots. The recently launched ENI CBC MED provides an ambitious vision of encompassing the Mediterranean area as a whole, although unfortunately not all territories in the region are eligible. It is, without doubt, an effective tool that streamlines the transformation and coordination of actors for the responsible management of the territory and resources. From the Mediterranean cities, it is pointed out as fundamental to put into place the required tools to find the paths of coordinating policies and actions within the projects implementation during this programming period, between both, Interreg MED and ENI CBC MED programmes, in order to guarantee the sustainability of initiatives and good praxis. MedCities will put efforts in order to make non-EU cities benefit from the very interesting results the MED Programme projects are already delivering.

"... an ecosystem approach is a strategy for integrated management of land, water and living resources that promotes conservation and sustainable use in a equitable way. ... It recognizes that humans, with their cultural diversity, are an integral component of ecosystems" (Convention for Biological Diversity -

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