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# 38 - September - October 2017


Bridging the Science-Practice-Policy Interface in Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection

Barcelona will be hosting the PANACeA Knowledge Sharing Event and Strategic Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection Meeting from October 23rd to October 25th 2017


Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean: State of Play and Strategic Directions

'Over time the Mediterranean region has developed a unique blend of tourism activities associated with sea, health, nature, culture, etc. offering consistent employment and economic growth. However, the economic growth due to tourism development has often been to the detriment of environmental integrity and social equity.'


MedCities presented a proposal for the creation of an Urban Toolkit for Sustainable Cities in the Mediterranean

The 17th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development (MCSD) was an occasion to discuss the activities included in the Mediterranean Action Plan 2018-19 and an opportunity to follow up on the implementation of the MSSD and its flagships initiative.


International Seminar MedCities in Sfax - 2017

17-18 October - Sfax (Tunisia)

UfM Energy and Climate Business Forum in Cairo

18 October - Cairo (Egipt)

MADRE Transnational Workshop in Barcelona

26-28 October - Barcelona

MedCities 2017 General Assembly in Tripoli

07-08 November in Tripoli (Lebanon)


MedCities' Mission to Tangier and Tetouan

The objective of the technical mission was to exchange on the initiatives and work programs of the two cities, current and future, in terms of sustainable urban development and local economic development.


COOP-VERD: Launching of the pilot project for recycling and green employment

The pilot project at the Neapolis neighbourhood in Nabeul aims to improve the working conditions of informal waste collectors (chiffonniers).


MedCities' Mission to Cyprus and Lebanon

MedCities realized a three-day mission to Cyprus and Lebanon, with the aim to identify the priorities of MedCities members and, also, their vision towards the EU financed ENI CBCMED programme.


Al Fayhaa Delegation and UNDP Lebanon visits Waste Management Infrastructure and Services in Barcelona

On 13-15 September, the delegation visited the Metropolitan Barcelona, as part of the project on Integrated Waste Management Plan in Al Fayhaa Area.


Building capacity for applying to European funds in Lebanon

Training Workshop on ENI CBC MED Programme


MedCities participates in the launching conference of the 3rd Med Water Forum

On July 11th, MedCities participated in Montecarlo in the launching conference of the 3rd Mediterranean Water Forum (MWF), foreseen on December 2017 in Algiers. It was organised by the Mediterranean Institute of Water (IME) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), distributed in WGs intended to launch the discussions to feed contents for the MWF. MedCities and IPEMED coordinated the WG dedicated Reuse & Treatment Technologies (REUT) at urban contexts.


Decentralized Coopearation in Lybia

Following the mandate of the previous General Assembly of MedCities, in which members expressed the aim to build bridges with Libyan municipalities, an International Seminar entitled ┬źUrban strategies,tools and technologies in the era of sustainability┬╗ is organised in Sfax (Tunisia), on 17-18 October 2017. This seminar will count on the participation of over ten municipalities from Libya as well as other MedCities members from Tunisia and Morocco. The seminar is complementary to the Nicosia initiative, promoted by the Committee of the Regions and ARLEM, and encouraging decentralized cooperation towards Libyan cities in order to strengthen their public services. It is also organized in cooperation with the City Strategy Strengthening Program (SDV) in Libya of the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ).The seminar will work on urban sustainability using as starting point City Development Strategies (CDS). Moreover, several instruments and technologies for its implementation will be presented through concrete and tangible projects. It is taking place in a context of consolidating decentralization in Tunisia, which is organizing municipal in the coming months. We are looking forward the new paths of cooperation this Seminar will lead to.

"A prosperous and peaceful Mediterranean region in which people enjoy a high quality of life and where sustainable development takes place within the carrying capacity of healthy ecosystems. This is achieved through common objectives, strong involvement of all stakeholders, cooperation, solidarity, equity and participatory governance." The Mediterranean strategy for sustainable development 2016-2025 is built around this vision (

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