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# 39 - November 2017


MedCities Annual Conference in Tripoli (Lebanon)

MedCities General Assembly 2017 & International Seminar on 'Mediterranean cities gather to share challenges and trends of Solid Waste Management'


Water Security in the Middle East and North Africa

'Water security is a central challenge for the development and stability of the Middle East and North Africa Region - a challenge of interest far beyond the water sector. This report will spark discussion not just among a technical audience, but also among a range of regional actors and policy makers, including representatives from governments, the private sector, civil society, and utilities.'


Reviving the Economy of the Mediterranea Sea

After decades of excessive and often unregulated economic activity, the health of the Mediterranean Sea is in steep decline.Ecosistems and the services they provide have been degraded rapidly, putting at risk the economy and livehoods of those that depend on the sea. In this report WWF have used two key concepts 1) 'gros marine product' (GMP) and 2) 'shared wealth fund'.


MEDAWEEK - MedaGreen Eco Summit 2017

23 November - Barcelona (Spain)

1st UfM Stakeholder Conference on the Blue Economy

29-30 November - Naples (Italy)

3rd Transnational Working Group Meeting - MADRE Project

14-15 December - Bologna (Italy)

ENI CBC MED - First call for standard projects: deadline extension

15 December 2017


International Seminar Sfax 2017 - Strategies, Tools and Urban Technologies in the Sustainability Era

The seminar counted with the participation of more than a hundred attendees coming from thirty cities from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Lebanon.


The MED Urban Transport Community at CIVITAS Forum 2017

The purpose of this Capacity Building Event in the frame of the GO SUMP project, in conjunction with the annual CIVITAS Forum 2017, was to gather the Urban Mobility topics under analysis and development by the whole MED UTC.


Exchange between Oran, Bizerte and Nabeul in Algeria

Representatives of the cities of Bizerte, Nabeul and Oran participated last September in an exchange in Algerian city on waste management & energy effciency. This activity aimed at reinforcing the interaction between them.


MedCities Mission to Rome, Ancona and Tirana

The aim of the mission was to reinfoce the activities with existing members of Italy, Balkans and Adriatic region, in the frame of MedCities Action Plan for 2017, where it is foreseen to reinforce the relationship with its EU member cities.


MADRE event on social innovation & metropolitan agriculture

MedCities hosted in Barcelona the APLEKING, a MADRE project meeting, in the frame of the annual Aplec (Gathering) of Urban Agriculture, where the TWG came with a set of recommendations for improved policies.


MedCities hosts in Barcelona the Mediterranean agents for biodiversity protection

During three days, small fisheries co-management models, scientific data sources and new methodologies for monitoring climate change and marine litter have been the focus of an open debate in Barcelona, co-organised by MedCities, one of the "Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community" partners. Planned to help bridge the gaps between science, management practices and policies, the need for a better coordinated approach to natural resource protection and management has been the final joint message of the more than 100 institutions gathered in Barcelona, 23-25 October 2017.


Welcome for New MedCities Members

We would like to send a warm welcome to the new cities which joined our network in occasion of the last General Assembly held in Tripoli (Lebanon) last 8th November. The admission of five new members was approved: Salt (Jordan), Dorës (Albania) in addition to the Union of Municipalities of Menieh, the Municipality of Jounieh and the Municipality of Batroun (Lebanon). This adhesion reaffirm the consolidation and expansion of our membership and shows how each year new local authorities see in MedCities an opportunity to partner with equals in the Mediterranean region. Each year MedCities is becoming a more reliable actor, ready to partner and work in cooperation with other actors, in order to improve the delivery of urban services in our cities. The challenges ahead are huge and complex. Nevertheless, we are convinced that the approach our association is promoting is on the right track, searching complementarities of our actions and tangible results through the implementation of specific projects. The General Assembly of Tripoli was the 13th of its kind organised since the creation of the network in 1991. Different cooperation schemes exist in the region involving local authorities. MedCities has been always in favour of complementarity and joint work with all actors. In this context, we feel proud of taking part of the Mediterranean family for so many years and we look forward to continue promoting urban sustainable development in our cities.

"Like beauty, territorial cohesion is in the eye of the beholder. (…) Maybe this is why the concept has appeal". Andreas Faludi, "Territorial cohesion: an unidentified political objective", Town Planning Review, vol 76 (1), 2005.

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