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# 40 - January 2018


MedCities Activity Report 2017

Each year MedCities is becoming a more reliable actor, ready to partner and work in cooperation with other actors, in order to improve the delivery of urban services in our cities. English Version / French Version


Fostering territorial cohesion for development policies in the Mediterranean

Stocktaking paper for the CMI Urban Hub. In the the new context in the region after 2011, addressing social disparities and spatial inequalities has become a political priority for several countries in the region. This paper addresses: Territorial Cohesion (TC): a definition driven by the economic potential of agglomerations and urban areas. From an analytical to an operational perspective: main activities initiated by CMI members and partners to promote TC in MENA. Key analytical/policy issues. Potential joint initiatives to advance the dialogue on TC and regional development.


#25 Quaderns de la MediterrĂ nia - "Nature and Sustainability. Coexisting in the Mediterranean"

"The objective of laying new foundations so that we can work on a new ecological awareness should be considered by all stakeholders with the aim of finding solutions to problems that concern not only the people currently living in the Mediterranean region but also future generations. The effects of pollution and irresponsible tourism as well as the loss of biodiversity will be noted in the short term. It is therefore essential to change the current resource management strategies to prevent the degradation of the area from being irreversible..."


8th UfM Water Expert Group

1-2 February 2018, Amman (Jordan)

9th World Urban Forum (WUF9)

7-13 February 2018, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

"Towards Implementing the New Urban Agenda in the Euro-Mediterranean region"

10 February 2018, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - UfM Networking Event 

5th Transnational Working Group Meeting - MADRE

13 - 14 February, Thessaloniki (Greece)

MADE in MED - Interreg MED Mid Term Review event

18th -19th April 2018, Rome (Italy)


Dannieh goes cleaner!

MedCities developed this action, in which a youth-driven initiative resulted in the removal of 9 tonnes of waste, raising the awareness of the general public and improving municipal equipment.


1st Meetings of the Mediterranean Climate House in Tanger

'Responding to the challenge of climate change requires dedication and commitment from the scientific community and governments' (Final Declaration). MedCities participated together with the organizers, supporting this event.


Nabeul launches its 'Eco-Point' for Plastic Recovery and Valorisation

The 'Eco-Point' forms part of COOP-VERD, a project implemented by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona through MedCities network.


The C4C Platform presents in Brussels a consolidated proposal for Territorial Cooperation

The Vice-President of MedCities, Mr. Alfred Bosch, participated in this meeting with the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu.


Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas managers looking for solutions in MedPAN 2017

"MPAs facing pollution in the Mediterranean: thinking beyond boundaries", the 2017 Forum of the Mediterranean Protected Areas Network (MedPAN)


Strengthening ties with Jordanian members

The mission included meetings with the Mayors of the five cities visited (Zarqa, Jerash, Salt, Madaba and Irbid), who expressed their willingness to deepen their collaboration through technical exchanges and capacity-building activities.


Tetouan and Dannieh: a new example of decentralised cooperation among MedCities' members

In an official reception in honour of the President of the Dannieh Municipalities Union (Lebanon), Mr. Mohamed Saadieh, the Mayor of Tetouan, Dr. Mohamed Idaomar, hosted a working meeting in December 2017, where the two local governments signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at improving the cooperation and exchange of experiences in various areas related to local management, in both Tetouan and Dannieh Municipalities. Through the MedCities association, strong bonds were forged between them, with a common vision of the challenges faced in order to develop both regions productively, especially in providing opportunities for young people, job creation, fostering tourism and promoting commerce.


Urban Mobility challenges and Cooperation opportunities in the Mediterranean

Urban Mobility continues being a great challenge in the Mediterranean region as was highlighted in the Urban Mobility Forum (UMF-II) in Egypt - Efficient Urban Transport for Sustainable Cities -, held in Cairo in the autumn of 2017. Multiple actors illustrated a huge variety of specific urban mobility weaknesses, especially in the MENA region. With the aim of corroborating some of the final messages announced within the framework of the UMF-II, MedCities would like to state that decentralised collaborating actors have or must look for the opportunity to support the development of Local Mobility Strategies, including immediate soft solutions to mitigate current urban threats by identifing cities' specific challengies. Nevertheless, there are not any current territorial cooperation programmes that incorporate urban mobility as a priority axis for project development and exchange practices between both shores of the Mediterranean. For instance, the Interreg MED programme does not tend to work with Southern Med territories and the ENI CBC MED Programme doesn't include urban mobility as a priority line of action. Moreover, MedCities stresses the need to introduce a gender approach to fight inequality within Mobility Urban Plans and Strategies around the Mediterranean. In that respect, the Tunis Gender Mobility Awareness Campaign entitled "#Mayerkebch" can be taken as good practice. A study by the 'Centre de Recherches, d' Etudes, de Documentation et d' Information sur la Femme (CREDIF)' revealed that 53.5% of the 3,000 women surveyed had been victims of violence in public spaces, especially public transport. This is a topic that will attract more attention from different decision makers and MedCities will insist that it must be included in the agenda of the developing challenges in the region.

Report me and my cause aright (by William Shakespeare)

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