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#41 - February 2018


The Mediterranean approach within the Global New Urban Agenda

MedCities, together with other Mediterranean stakeholders, participated in the 9th World Urban Forum, that took place on 13-19 February in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), under the title "Cities 2030 - Cities for All: Implementing the New Urban Agenda", organised by UN-HABITAT. More info on THE KUALA LUMPUR DECLARATION ON CITIES 2030.  


5 Fundamental Recommendations for Local Finances to Meet the Needs

The adoption of a new urban agenda at the Habitat III Summit in Quito was the result of a long series of international negotiations. Those talks led to an overall consensus on the economic, social, and environmental challenges the world is facing, as well as on the Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030. Different studies carried out showed a need to double, or even triple, the average amounts foreseen for collective urban investments... the majority of investments are the responsibilities of local governments... by UCLG.


25 Innovative Solutions to Combat Plastic Marine Litter

"Plastic Marine Litter is today a global concern. It comprises up to 95% of the waste accumulated on shorelines, the ocean and sea surface and floors. Most marine litter originates from land-based sources and can have severe environmental, health and economic consequences. Yet, solutions to prevent plastic to end up as marine litter exist and have already proved to be effective. Most of these solutions build on a circular economy approach, which puts the emphasis on preventing waste and on recycling and reuse of materials and products in the first place."


"Wise Cities" in the Mediterranean: Challenges of Social and Environmental Sustainability

8 - 9 March 2018, Paris (France)

6th Transnational Working Group Meeting - MADRE Project

22 - 23 March 2018, Tirana (Albania)

Dubrovnik International Conference - Sharing the Future of Cultural Heritage

10 - 11 April 2018, Duvrovnik (Croatia)

High-level Conference on Migration and Municipal Finance

9 - 10 April 2018, Malaga (Spain) 


GeDeTun project finalises its activities for improving waste management in Bizerte and Kairouan

Implemented by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, GeDeTun project reinforced the waste management capacities of the two municipalities.


Promoting Water Sharing & Cooperation in the Mediterranean

MedCities participated in the 3rd Mediterranean Water Forum in Cairo (Egypt), organised by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the Mediterranean Institute for Water (IME).


Urban agriculture gains momentum through MADRE activities

The Interreg MED Project MADRE continues delivering tools to foster urban agriculture as a key instrument for urban sustainable development, among them, the MADRE Best Practices Catalogue.


Actions to promote tourism in Batroun

A participatory process facilitated by MedCities KTC Al Fayhaa has led to the identification of 12 priority actions and projects to promote tourism as a source of economic development in Batroun (Lebanon). 


New Urban Development Strategies in Gab├Ęs and Kairouan

In the frame of MADINATOUNA project, both cities in Tunisia have launched, with the technical and methodological support of MedCities, the first public conferences that will lead to their City Development Strategies.


Barcelona and Amman cooperate on urban models for accessible cities

The city of Amman (Jordan) will model itself on the experience of the Municipal Institute of Barcelona for People with Disabilities in promoting the social rights of people with disabilities. The measures implemented by Barcelona City Council seek to guarantee the right of people with disabilities to access all the city spaces, activities and services, and also to participate in the decision-making process leading to the implementation of these measures. This exchange has been highly valued by the City Council of Amman and also by the Higher Council for the Affairs of People with Disabilities (HCD) of Jordan. We are glad to introduce the two videos produced by HCD, which reflect their impressions on the accessibility level of Barcelona.


ENI CBC MED - First Standard Projects Call

The first call for proposals for standards projects of the ENI CBC MED Programme closed in January 2018 with 419 projects submitted by around three thousand organizations from 13 countries. The programme has shown once again the willingness by Mediterranean actors to work for an enhanced cross border cooperation in the region. The process leading to the launching of the call has been hard and complex. It is time to congratulate the different actors involved for being able to complete it successfully. MedCities is committed to modestly continue working in order to improve this programme. As an example, an equal participation of Lead Partners organizations from Mediterranean Partner Countries and EU Mediterranean Countries (16% vs 84%) can still be improved. To do so, work is needed in two directions: reinforcing leadership and capacity building of Non EU Member partners in such proposals and enhancing integration with the other financing instruments in the region, notably Interreg MED Programme. Regarding the topics, sustainable tourism is the most popular priority of the call, followed by the support to Euro-Mediterranean economic clusters, technological transfer and commercialization of research results and employability of young people; which shows the great importance that the economic development promotion has in the region. MedCities reinforced its strategy during this period with regards to the ENI CBC MED first call by facilitating access of its members to a series of projects proposals, prepared either by MedCities General Secretariat or its partners. Most of the projects prepared by the General Secretariat and its members tackle environmental issues and its relationship with urban sustainable development. We wish luck to all our members and partners and we look forward to cooperating with them within this Program very soon.

Sharing waters means sharing views on common problems to find common solutions (extracted from the 8th World Water Forum)

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