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#48 - January 2019


Creating an Energy Transition Network in the Maghreb

A new project - REV-ACTE - has been launched by MedCities and other partners with the aim of fostering cooperation among cities to promote and facilitate energy transition.


EU 2020 strategy and 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda: Adapted for Malaga

The role of strategic planning is reaffirmed in face of the new challenge posed by the SDGs. The Agenda 2030 attributes to cities a key role in achieving these objectives, expressly stating that "cities and urban settlements should be inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". Strategic urban planning is a fundamental instrument for harnessing this potential, in which the city of Malaga has been a pioneer and a leader.


Enabling access to financing for green entrepreneurs

This working document, produced by UfM, is an overview of the main challenges and opportunities that Green Entrepreneurs are facing to access finance in Southern Mediterranean countries. It is a business approach that takes into account not just profit, but also social and environmental sustainability. Green Entrepreneurship is also a means to improve the management of natural resources, ensuring they are used in a sustainable way.


Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation Forum

4-5 February, Brussels

MedCat Partners Forum

4-5 February, Barcelona

10th ARLEM Plenary Session

26-27 February, Seville 

2nd Annual Meeting on Municipal Investment Finance

7-8 March, Malaga

Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards

20 March 2019 - Closing date


Declaration on Mediterranean biodiversity protection

The Interreg MED Biodiversity Protection Community and SEARICA are seeking support for their declaration on "Ecosystem-based approaches for biodiversity protection and management in the Mediterranean".


MedCities and AMB: Jointly training local authorities in Jordan

MedCities and the AMB, along with the Catalan Fund for Cooperation (FCCD), have conducted the first training activity for municipalities in the framework of the Urban Training Centre project in Zarqa (Jordan).


Empowering schools to sort at source in Mennieh

Over recent months an awareness campaign involving 28 of the 31 schools in the Union of Municipalities of Mennieh has stressed the importance of sorting waste at source, in a project involving the Union.


Developing the Social Economy in the Governorate of Sousse

In the frame of a project funded by the ACCD, MedCities has supported the region of Sousse (including MedCities members Sousse and M'Saken) in a participatory diagnosis of activities related to the social and solidary economy.


Improving parking planning in Sfax city centre

MedCities has accompanied the city of Sfax in a comprehensive process of analysis and the generation of potential solutions – along with an action plan – for the reorganization of the parking system in a central district.


Realising tourist potential in Batroun

After several actions in 29 municipalities of the Union and a writing and mapping exercise, this project – which was led by a local steering committee – has resulted in tools such as a guide to the municipalities and a Tourist Map.


Montpellier and Palma become members of MedCities

The MedCities Association is being bolstered by the addition of two new full members – the cities of Montpellier, France, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain – and a new observer member, the Mediterranean Citizens' Assembly Foundation (MCAF).  The ahderence of Palma and the MCAF were approved unanimously by the MedCities members on the occasion of the Association's General Assembly held at the end of last year. The membership of Montpellier will be formalised at the 2019 General Assembly. The new additions will bring the number of full members of MedCities to 58, along with two observer members. The MCAF is a civil-society network that promotes citizen dialogue, proposals and actions around all shores of the Mediterranean. It encourages democratic values of freedom, peace and respect for diversity, as well as environmental responsibility in the region.


MedCities' activities in 2019

2019 promises to be a year of intense and important activity for MedCities. This year, the Association is preparing its Strategic Plan for the period 2020-2023, to be presented at the Association's General Assembly which will be convened in the autumn. The preparation of the strategy for the coming period and its accompanying action plan will be a key step in the consolidation of the MedCities Association, articulating the priorities of Mediterranean mayors and outlining the lines of work through which MedCities can support the urban development of its members and improve the lives of their citizens. This year will also see the completion of the Interreg MED horizontal projects PANACeA and GO-SUMP, making the transfer of insights and good practices in the thematic areas of urban transport and biodiversity protection to all members a principal challenge. Two years after assuming the challenge of developing the knowledge-sharing platform – a flagship initiative of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development promoted by UNEP MAP – in June, in Montenegro, MedCities will present the platform at the Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development. Throughout the year, and this current four-year political mandate, the focus of the Association will, as always, remain supporting its members to meet their urban development needs. MedCities will continue to carry out activities to provide technical assistance to municipalities and metropolitan areas all around the Mediterranean in order to meet the challenges identified by the local authorities that work daily to overcome them. With the continued active involvement of the cities of the network, 2019 promises to be another year in which MedCities will continue supporting capacity building activities, reinforcing knowledge-sharing among members and facilitating cooperation between them.

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it (Antoine de Saint Exupery)

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