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#55 - March 2020


MedCities joins the Cities for Global Health initiative

The initiative, led by  Metropolis, aims at cities to share initiatives such as plans, strategies or policies designed specially to control the propagation speed of the COVID-19. The open-source platform is managed directly by cities, that can publish documents and guidelines about how they manage the sanitary crisis. MedCities is associated to the initiative and has encouraged its members to share their own strategies.


It is time to dive into our Knowledge Sharing Platform on Urban Development in the Mediterranean.

This Toolbox is a Knowledge Sharing Platform on Urban Development in the Mediterranean. It intends to be a useful, attractive and user-friendly database. The toolbox includes three types of categories: cases (best practices developed in Mediterranean cities), voices (video clips from experts from the region) and tools (a recompilation of existing materials developed in previous projects), those include guidelines and instruments.


Creating a methodology for zero waste municipalities

Zero Waste Europe has prepared an interesting and useful guide for cities with a number of practical tools for municipalities and communities, including a groundbreaking calculator to see the benefits that adopting a zero waste approach could bring to your municipality, if focuses particulary in the reduction in the costs of waste management and the levels of waste generated and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The toolkit covers the concept of zero waste and its guiding principles, 10 clear steps for designing a zero waste plan at the municipal level and a challenge to some of the myths and fiction surrounding the narrative on zero waste.



In MedCities, we continue our activity being safe at home. We hope to reschedule all the missions and events in the coming weeks and months.


Rev'ACTE: 3rd meeting of the Tunisian network of cities for energy transition

Representatives of the cities of Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Nabeul, Bizerte, Mahdia and Tozeur gathered in the city of Sfax for the third workshop of Rev'Acte network, which brings together the 7 municipalities in order to build the capacities of local authorities for the implementation of energy transition actions at local level.


The Urban Transports and Biodiversity Protection Communities advancing at good pace

The first months of the year have been crucial to put on track the renewed Interreg MED thematic Communities and facilitate a smooth transition from the previous horizontal projects. MedCities leads the Urban Transports Community and is the Communications work package leader for Biodiversity Protection. Both projects advance as planned.


Stories are a destination: Zgharta Ehden launches its territorial branding strategy under TerBrand project

As part of the activities of the "TerBrand - Empowering Mediterranean Municipalities in branding their territorial added value" project, MedCities has accompanied the Municipality of Zgharta Ehden in the definition of the territorial branding and communication strategy in order to promote its natural and touristic assets.


Addressing common territorial challenges in sustainable tourism: The INCIRCLE knowledge platform

MedCities is helping to build the INCIRCLE Knowledge Platform that will be available in the months to come with interesting interventions/policies/measures focused on INCIRCLE four main pillars.


MedCities, present at the "Catalonia 2030 Alliance" official signing event

More than 300 people representing around 30 Catalan organisations from different fields were present in the formal signature of the Catalonia 2030 Alliance. MedCities was among the civil society representatives in order to support the initiative and to show the committmend to working to comply with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our association was present in the formal signature of the first 33 core organisations which comply this important national agreement driven by the Government of Catalonia. 


Good time to cooperate even more among us all

The crisis that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has put many of our societies in a checkmate that strains our public services and, beyond that, tests us as humanity. In such times humans show the best and the worse of ourselves: from the examples of collective discipline and stronger solidarity to the dishonest use of the misery of others. It is our condition. However, it is up to us to decide to reinforce one and to soothe the other. And as an example of solidarity and cooperative work, MedCities has been a good demonstration since it was born. Therefore, what our Mediterranean family needs to do is to further strengthen these ties, from the family to the regional level. As you know, we have joined the Metropolis' Cities for Global Health initiative as a repository of best practices during the health crisis. We encourage you to give your own examples and to check how other cities are responding. We know you have a lot of challenges. That is why we want to remind you that we all have each other. The general secretariat's team has been working from home for two weeks now and it is yet more active and at your service than ever. You can count on us. We are here, knowing that cooperation between us and other actors must be, and in fact is, stronger than ever. We will overcome this situation. - Dr. Mohamed Idaomar, MedCities President - Josep Canals, MedCities Secretary General

Remember, it is time to #Istayhome #joemquedoacasa #jerestechezmoi #mequedoencasa

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