Finished (2014-2015)- MEDSEATIES- Inclusive governance for sustainable Mediterranean coastal metropolis, aims at contributing to the empowerment of Mediterranean local authorities and private stakeholders in the multilevel decision-making processes related to the management of coastal cities.

The specific objective of the program is to initiate a participatory process involving local authorities from 6 Mediterranean territories together with international actors, businesses, universities and civil society stakeholders, to identify, assess and recommend innovative governance systems and policy tools for the management of urban coastal areas.

Technical and management capacities are brought by MEDSEATIES partners, which compose a balanced and diversified partnership, including local authorities as well as clusters and universities specialized in marine and environmental concerns. This ensures a sufficiently broad range of competences (on technical, policy or business issues) necessary to really impact the field. These capacities may be complemented by the specific expertise of each of the stakeholders involved. Associate partners will bring a real added-value to the partnership in terms of network and specific expertise.

The purpose of the action is:

  • To define a set of necessary tools for local stakeholders to define a frame of governance (indicators, policy implementation guidelines, databases of good practices and contacts, etc.)
  • Mobilize local stakeholders to adopt tailored governance process through the signature of 5 Memoranda of Agreement
  • To develop local cooperation between key stakeholders foreshadowing/ empowering national clusters through 6 Local Working Groups
  • To develop a transnational Mediterranean network foreshadowing an international intercluster
  • To empower 6 urban authorities and 800 decision-makers from North and South with reinforced capacities

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