Sousse Mobility Plan

Finished (2002-2006)- The main objective of this Project is to contribute to the improvement of the urban mobility in Sousse, through the design and implementation of an Urban Mobility Plan (UMP) to increase the social and economic development in the Sousse metropolitan area.

This development must be compatible with environmental protection, energy saving, traffic security and the improvement of urban life quality. 


  • Contributation to the improvement of sustainable development.
  • Coordination betwwen the politics of mobility and sustainable development.
  • Consolidation of institutional relationships.
  • Creation of municipal traffic service.
  • Technicians Training.
  • Participation of spanish organisations and firms.
  • Official validation of PDU.


The participants are:

  • Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional
  • Municipality of Sousse (Tunisia)
  • ANME
  • Entitat del Medi Ambient-Medcities


The budget of the project is: 371.361€. 


The Project was begun in December 2002 and was finished in March 2006.