• ASIMA Tunis- strategic plan of Tunis

    On going- (Fév 2020 - Jan.2023)  ASIMA Tunis is funded by European Commission in the frame of the Call for Proposals on ‘Local Authorities: Partnerships for sustainable cities' (EuropeAid/161146/DH/ACT/Multi) which aims to promote integrated urban development through partnerships. 


    Finished (2011-2014)- The USUDS Project was an initiative of MedCities to brought together Mediterranean cities interested in building and developing urban sustainable development strategies. 


    Finished- Strengthening and disseminating strategic urban planning initiatives in Tunisia, focused particularly on the cities of the interior part.

  • Reinforcement of the handicraft sector in Chefchaouen

    Finished- The Local Development Agency of Chefchaouen in collaboration with the Municipality and the association Foundation Ibn Rachid, and with the support of MedCities and the CoMun Program of the GIZ, implements a project for the reinforcement of the handicraft sector as a vital economic activity

  • Actualización del Plan Comunal de Desarrollo de Tetuán

    La actualización del PCD de Tetuán (Plan Communal de Développement) es un proyecto coordinado por AERYC (Asociación América-Europa de Regiones y Ciudades), con la asistencia técnica de la Secretaría General de Medcities y la participación of Urban Quality Strategies (EQU) .