• Sousse Mobility Plan

    Finished (2002-2006)- The main objective of this Project is to contribute to the improvement of the urban mobility in Sousse, through the design and implementation of an Urban Mobility Plan (UMP) to increase the social and economic development in the Sousse metropolitan area.


    Finished (2016-2019) - Improving Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and Measures in the Mediterranean. A 3 years' Interreg MED project approved on 2016 on environmental sustainability


    Finished (2016-2019)- Streamlining Networking and Management efforts in Mediterranean Protected Areas for Enhanced Natural Conservation and Protection. Interreg Med project approved on 2016 on environmental sustainability 


    El proyecto RAMUD ( Réseau d'Action en matière de Mobilité Urbaine Durable ) es una iniciativa para promover el intercambio de conocimientos sobre cuestiones de transporte entre las diferentes ciudades del Mediterráneo.

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