International Conference:"Implementation of strategic projects and participatory approach"

Next 21st and 22nd of April, MedCities organizes an international conference in Tetuan, with the aim of gathering Maghreb cities interested in urban planning and the execution of strategic projects in the context of public-private dialogue and citizen participation. This dialogue is part of the commitment to support municipalities as central actors in defining the future of cities.

The Conference is organized by the MedCities network, its Knowledge Transfer Center (KTC) of Sfax, and the Urban Community of Tetuan, in partnership with CoMun-GIZ program, the Center for the Mediterranean Integration and the World Bank. It is financially supported by the CMI, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and Barcelona City Council.

The Conference is part of the project of the Consolidation of the KTC of Sfax, as a reference point in the Maghreb in urban strategic planning; from the perspective of the Centre for Mediterranean Integration that supports knowledge transfer in the region; and with the objective of CoMun-GIZ program to strengthen the capacity of cities in terms of urban governance and local participation.