KTC - Sfax

The city of Sfax is the KTC of dissemination and awareness of strategic urban planning in the Maghreb.

The KTC host in the city of Sfax is in charge of guaranteeing that cooperation and support is provided to the city of Sousse in the execution of its urban sustainable development strategy.

This KTC is in charge of the dissemination, training and facilitation actions for the other cities in the region that show interest in embarking on this type of experience. To that end, the KTC carries out missions to different cities to present the project and the importance for cities to develop their Strategy.

It also contributes to the identification of projects to be uploaded in the Platform as well as best practices, in coordination wit the KTC of Malaga.

Bonnes pratiques


    ODDGS Sfax

    Observatoire du Développement Durable du Grand Sfax

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Autres exemples d'intérêt


Report of the Dissemination Seminar held in Sfax - Al-mutawasit TV