Tunisian MedCities' members within the CPRM traininig on Public Service Delivery

Training session on ‘public service delivery with a territorial integrated approach in the Mediterranean' by CPRM Intermediterranean Commission

The CPMR, its Intermediterranean Commission (IMC) and PLATFORMA invited representatives from local or regional authorities (LRAs) in the Mediterranean to take part in the training session on ‘public service delivery with a territorial integrated approach in the Mediterranean', with a specific focus on Tunisia and Morocco.

The training, based on a manual developed in collaboration with the expert Mr Federico Martire, took place in the delegation of the Region Occitania in Casablanca (Morocco), on 11/12 April 2018. It is being organised as part of the framework of ‘Southern Neighbourhood Activities' under the ‘Platforma Strategic Partnership' with the European Commission.

It counted with the participation of 4 tunisian cities' members from MedCities Network: Sfax, Gabes, M'Saken and Bizerte, facilitated by the colaboration agreement between CPRM  and MedCities, which impulse the coordination among the KTC-Sfax and the CPRM Intermediterranean Commission.

Given the focus of the training, special attention was given to participants from Tunisia and Morocco, but it was opened to participants from the rest of the Mediterranean and to representatives of Platforma and other partner networks.

To find out more information about what the training involved, and to read an introduction to the training manual, click here.