Muncipality of Barcelona

Municipality of Barcelona

The Municipality of Barcelona is the local government and one of the four public administrations with political responsability in the city.

The Municipality is the public administration with major competences in the city of Barcelona. Urban Planning, public transports, tax collection, road safety, public space and municipal equipments, depend on this administration.

The Municipality is divided in ten Districts that have their own political and administrative center, to promote political decentralization in the city. An important task that the Municipality has is the development of External Relations of the city and the promotion of Barcelona around the world.The Directorate of International Relations is the administrative body in charge of this task. The three main projects that develops are "Barcleona for Human Rights", the Latin American Centre for Strategic Urban Development (CIDEU) and the issues and activities related to International Cooperation

USUDS project works together with Barcelona Municipality in order to share its knowledge and experience with other partners through missions and technical visits. Currently they are conducting technical assessments to the cities of Saida, in concrete a proposal for the maritime front and the fishing port, and Sousse, concerning the water cycle management.


Barcelona Municipality YouTube Channel

Barcelona Municipality helds and develops different activities and projects that are reported on its YouTube channel